Feasts of YHVH

The feasts that the LORD gave to Israel are misapplied today when one says the “feasts of Israel.” These are their feasts only in the sense that they are to keep and observe them, but the feasts are actually the “feasts of YHVH.” They give to us the fullness of the work of salvation for mankind in general and to Israel in particular.

The list of feasts are found in two places in the Torah: Leviticus 23 contains the Sabbaths and convocations (assemblies); Numbers 28-29 contains the offerings for these feasts.  The list of Numbers contains one more feast not found in Leviticus 23 and that is “New Moon.”

Also included in this list of studies will be Hanukkah. Although not a former feast given by the LORD, it reveals truths concerning a specific Scriptural element of the end times.